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Mie Tante ien

Mie Tante Ien is a culinary business that specializes in serving bakmie, a popular Indonesian noodle dish. What sets them apart is their unique cooking method – they prepare their bakmie without the use of charcoal, which is often used in traditional preparation methods. Despite this, they ensure that the taste remains authentic and delicious, winning the hearts of many noodle enthusiasts. Mie Tante Ien prioritizes quality, ensuring that each dish served is made with fresh ingredients and maintains the rich flavors that bakmie is known for.


The role of Melon Branding, known as the branding agency Indonesia, is to manage its social media presence. We create engaging and appetizing content, focusing on their unique bakmie and other dishes they serve. We aim to highlight the distinctive aspects of Mie Tante Ien, such as their cooking method and the taste of their noodles, to attract more potential customers. Our goal with the advertising agency services provided is to boost their online visibility, engage with their audience, and ultimately drive business growth through effective social media strategies.




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