Photo & Videography

Photo & Videography

Photos & Videos can explain thousands of words in a few seconds

Visuals don’t just stand out at the first sight, they’re also easier to remember. Whether you’re a new business or a well-established business, your photos and videos can make or break your marketing efforts and campaign. 

With the power of visual communication reaching an all-time high, professional photography and videography are more crucial to your marketing than ever before.

What We Can Do for You

In visualizing your business, there are several types of photos and videographies that you can apply to your business visuals.

Product Photography

One of the most important factors that determine the perception of potential customers about the quality of your product is through the presentation of your Product Photos.

Fashion Photography

Fashion products must look attractive and detailed so that many potential consumers are interested and want to buy them. Therefore the quality of fashion photography is needed.

Food Photography

As a culinary businessman to have photos of food and beverage products that are professional and interesting. We provide a Food Photographer along with a Food Stylist if needed.

Company Profile Photo

You can proudly show your company's credibility as an established and trusted company.

Jewelry Photography

As a jeweler, you certainly need perfect photos that show the beauty of your jewelry. Each must be able to provide jewelry details, including engraving and color clarity.

Social Media Video

When users browse their newsfeed, videos will automatically play as they pass through their screen. It encourages users to watch your video because it automatically plays.

Motion Graphic Video

Motion graphics can help the audience to understand statistics or explanations that are difficult to explain in words.


As digital culture develops, and technological devices can increasingly be carried everywhere, the possibility of personalizing GIFs is increasingly popular as well.

Commercial Video

Video content will be seriously consumed. It means that the goals you want to achieve, be it branding or conversion, can reach more people.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

— Elliott Erwitt

The Journey in Producing Your Photos and Videos

Producing the image or video quality is not an instant process, therefore we wanted to share its journey before it becomes the final photo.

Step #1
Book a Photoshoot
You must make an appointment in advance by providing information such as what products will be photographed and when will take the photoshoot.
Step #1
Step #2
Shooting & Selection Photos
Before the photoshoot, give us a photo reference or mood board and cooperate when the photoshoot takes place. After the photoshoot is done you can sort out which photos you want to edit.
Step #2
Step #3
Editing Photos/Videos
The results of taking pictures and videos that have been selected will enter the editing process to highlight the details that support them to focus on the object.
Step #3
Step #4
Get the Final Photos/Videos
After all the editing process is completed, we are waiting for approval from the client and the photos/video professionals are yours.
Step #4

Do you want your business to look more professional?

Increase your product value by providing detailed and elegant product photos. Communicate your brand concept so we can make it real!