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Grow Your Business with Social Media

There are 3.499 billion people active on Social Media, 55% bought something onlineafter discovering it on Social Media.

Content maybe a King but Marketing is Queen
and runs the household.

- Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Media Management

Monitor and strengthen your social media presence on several sites and platforms at the same time. By using Social Media Management services from Branding Company Jakarta, you will get full service as follows

Create Campaign, Copywriting, Monthly Editorial Plan
Making interesting content such as information, education, tips, entertainment, fun facts, etc. to increase the attractiveness of your account by soft selling.

Create Campaign, Copywriting, Monthly Editorial Plan
Making  design from the content that we have created. 


Campaign Spesific and Effective Hashtag
We make the hashtag the easiest to find and the most appropriate way to target your market more specifically.

Advertising on social media
You can get a prospective customer with more spesific by demographic.

Get Your Social Media Checkup

Do you feel that your social media is interesting and effective? We provide free social media checkup that you can try!

What to Expect

Whether you’ve worked with a different marketing agency or not, we are a branding agency Indonesia proud to say we do things differently. Here’s how we work:

Our Basic Key Performance Indicator

Quantitative measures that companies use to measure performance in terms of meeting their strategic and operational objectives.

Visual Improvement

Improved visual appearance becomes more interesting and easily understood by the audience

Increased Engagement

Increasing interaction between the community and your brand with the aim of increasing trust and loyalty

Monthly Report

Report on the work and changes that occur in your Social Media every month

Each client get different results

The results obtained vary by client depending on the type of product, target market, and other factors. We never promised KPI in the form of sales or an increase in turnover.

Growing Social media is What we Do.

Our creative agency Indonesia team of experts is on hand to discuss your growth goals and the best way to help you achieve them.

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