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Infinity Capital Solution

About Infinity

Infinity Capital Solution is a company that runs in brand identity and logo creation. We are dedicated to the art of crafting unique brand identities that transcend the ordinary. Recognizing that your brand is more than a mere symbol, it is a narrative waiting to be unveiled, our core mission is to assist your business in achieving prominence in a competitive market by crafting a brand identity that profoundly resonates with your clientele while leaving an enduring impression.

Client: Infinity Capital Solution

Service: Brand Identity & Logo Creation

Year: 2023

Infinity Capital Solution

Behind the logo.

We conducted some research to obtain a logo that is familiar to our circumstances so that people are able to easily perceive it. Therefore, we incorporate a well-known and modest element to create an essential logo. This also creates a new idealism where a simplicity can invent something priceless and remarkable, bringing you out a transcendent experiment.

We combine a famous infinity sign with a capital i letter to create a new creative logo. By combining the two elements, we can obtain a new logo to represent our brand identity. The logo also defines our brand; Infinity, without having to elaborate more about it. The audience is able to recognize Infinity Capital Solution easily with just one single glimpse. This shows the effectiveness of combination from logo and brand name are functioning properly without having to worry about ruining the brand identity itself.

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