Branding Agency Jakarta Helps To Maximize Potential With The Right Strategy

As a brand consultant, we can help to unleash your best potential to reach the outstanding results of your goal. Our long-term result-driven branding strategy helps you shape your brand, improve leads, increase traffic, and boost your sales.

Melon branding agency jakarta

We Are MELON A Trusted Branding Agency In Indonesia

Many have been asked as Brand Consultant to help develop the business of various companies in Indonesia.
A result-oriented partner that will drive your business into the future

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Melon Branding Achievement

Our customers see results at scale

Over 310%

Conversion Rate Uplift

Up to 45% Click
Through Rate

Digital Marketing

More than 10% Engagement Rate

Social Media

Learn Your Best Potential whit branding agency indonesia

What We Do

Learn Your Best Potential Thorough Analysis

To learn your brand potential, our branding company team will do a thorough analysis. With that we can unleash your potential to the right audience.

Analyze all the potential target markets for your brand and reach the target audience to create a long-lasting brand and continuous regeneration of the target markets.

Checking and analyzing every funnel of social media to optimize your brand or activate it to reach the maximum result.

Observe the customer behavior to learn the cause of their withdrawal and attract them back with the right strategy based on the current trends and customer’s feedback.

Analyzing the customer behavior correctly gives us information about the audience’s habits, from trends that they follow to what time they access their social media.

The Right Strategy whit melon branding jakarta

What We Do

Engage The Right Market with The Right Strategy

Our expert team of brand consultant will guide your brand to reach potential audiences with the right brand strategy.

By following the current issues and trends through thorough customer’s behavior analysis, your brand will reach the targeted audience in hopes of conversion.

Attract the right market with your personalized brand. We will help you build your brand voice, visual, and strengthen your core value to make sure the message is well delivered to the right audience.

What We Do

Result-Driven Goal

We will choose the right strategy for your brand, from picking the right SEO keyword to finding the right audience through ads, your brand will have its conversion and reach the goals in no time.

Assisting clients in every aspect on their journey towards their goal. Cooperation is required in order to achieve the objective.

We ensure your brand to be the lead on its field and become top of mind to the audience.

Best Services From Brand Consultant In Jakarta

Support your business to get the best impression from your audience and support conversion to your products  or services with brand consultant Jakarta

branding by melon


Monitor and strengthen your social media presence on several sites platform

digital marketing by melon


Get new potential customers with more targeted and specific by demographic.



Increase your business credibility and allow you to reach a wider target market.

Our Study Case

there are many Branding Agency service providers in Indonesia like us out there, but you won’t find one as good as us

fortpolio melon on goverment


Maintain social media presence and keep the audience up to date with the current news of the brand.

Start up

Develop the brand to reach the targeted audience and become the leading brand in the field.

fortpolio start up by melon
helath & beauty fortpolio by melon

Health & Beauty

Raising awareness and reach the right market for each brands.

holding company fortpolio melon


Managing the presence of each brand presence in social media and other online media to raise the brand awareness to the public.

Kitchen F&B

Assisting each brand to reach their goal by raising awareness of the brand, create exciting campaigns, and maintaining their presence either in social media or offline.

kitchen F&B by melon


Lets work together to gain the Best Result


Let’s work together with Branding Agency Jakarta
to get the best results


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