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Tamagochick brings the authentic tastes of diverse global cuisines to its customers, all conveniently served in a Karaage rice box. They strive to deliver a unique culinary experience by combining the crispiness and rich flavor of Karaage, a popular Japanese fried chicken dish, with the staple of well-cooked rice, creating a blend of tradition and innovation that is both satisfying and comforting.


At a creative & branding agency Indonesia such as Melon Branding, we are very proud to be trusted to have the privilege to manage the Tamagochick social media platform. Our efforts centre on portraying the uniqueness of their offerings, highlighting their menu variations and emphasizing their commitment to presenting authentic global flavours. Through advertising agency services preparing engaging and visually appealing content, we highlight brand character and values, helping them connect with their current customers and reach new potential customers.




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