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Brief Story :

Came from an element of “vita” means “life” and “blitz” means “supporting”. Vitablitz promotes for having a meaningful life improve the quality of the life itself. This can be implemented on the mission of Vitablitz to support and improve people’s health to prevent the risk of illness, mental disorder and any worse conditions.


A Healthy Out Side
Start from the Inside


Natural and Organic Ingredients

Vitablitz uses natural ingredients that provide health benefits for you. We do not use artificial flavors or preservatives in our tea blends.


Best Customer Service

Interested in learning more about Vitablitz products? Need quick delivery? Our customer service is here to assist your needs promptly.

Convenient for

With its simple packaging, Vitablitz can be enjoyed by tea enthusiasts at home, in the office, or even at cafes and restaurants. You can savor Vitablitz anywhere!


Informative and Pleasing Website is The Key for Engaging Audience

Concept :

Serving a pleasant and aesthetic ambiance to help the audience feel the relaxation of healthy and balance lifestyle. Through the website, we also actively suggest the audience to have a read for the articles in possessing and how to conduct a healthy lifestyle. We also provide a brief story of Vitablitz so that the audience are able to know the brand better


By providing a good website, Vitablitz are able to embrace audience from variety of background with the same intention; healthy life. 


A good website also cannot be done without a high maintenance. Therefore, to keep the website runs well, we conduct a routine check-up to prevent errors

Client : Vitablitz

Service : Website Development

Year : 2022

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