Brand Strategy

Great Brand Strategy Leads Business to the Next Level

Brand strategy, by definition, is a long-term inter-departmental plan for a brand to achieve specific, pre-defined goals. A successful brand strategy must be well-designed and executed across all business functions, with the capacity to improve the consumer experience, competitive advantage, and financial performance.

An effective brand strategy helps you cultivate a strong brand. It defines who you are as a business, and focuses on your long-term goals. It also sets a benchmark to measure progress against: Without a brand strategy, you have no way to judge whether your brand is moving in the right direction or not.

What is branding?

Your Brand Isn’t Only Logo and It's Colour. It’s a Relationship that People Have with You.

People mostly recognized the brand as its logo—the design that represented a brand. They also know the brand as the color palettes of the logo. But, one thing that should be kept in mind, a brand isn’t only its logo and its color. A brand is a relationship, the interaction that people have with you. So, crafting the brand is as simple as we build loyalty towards people. In the digital age, professional strategies that ruin creativity are needed to deliver the messages and core values.

“Customers will appreciate when your business has a consistent brand. In fact, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 33 percent.” – Lucidpress, 2019

Principles of branding strategy

Branding Is A Relationship with Your Market. Mind Your Communication with Them.

The strategy to remain engaged with customers is called brand relationships. It “forces” the brand and customer to have a healthy, engaging relationship. Here, you as the brand are leading the communication. You follow what customers need from your brands. And the customers demand and expect more from you. Keep in mind that you should provide them the best.

How to win over your targeted customer

Communicate & Understand Your Customer

The more you understand your customer, the bigger chance your brand has to win their attention. The more you communicate your values through your brand, customers are eager to buy from you.

Brand Message

Deliver your brand’s stories and values that describe what you and your team do.

Brand Consistency

To build trust and credibility of the brand, what you need is a consistency to keep up with customers.

Brand Attraction

The easiest way to attract your ideal customers is knowing what they are engaged in and being valued.

How could branding drive your sales

The Essential Way to Grow & Scale Up

As business enthusiasts, it is a must to keep up with the change that happens in this digital age. Many of us are trying to stay relevant with ways of the brand in the terms of customers and company communication. Whether it is in a city or region like Jakarta, Singapore, or a big country such as Australia—branding is an effective way for us to grow and scaleup!

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions About Brand Strategy

We have known that every client is special and their needs are rarely the same with other clients. So, here is the full package you can get from us :
1. Visual identities (logo)
2. Brand strategy and its research
3. Website development
4. Content creation
5. Brand naming (development)

The timeframe of the brand strategy project depends on the scope of work included. The bigger scope of work you take, the longer it should take. And, we can say typically a complete branding strategy package can take up to a year or more.

The price that is involved in one branding project depends on a variety of different factors, such as the type of scope of work that is being taken, the size of the company that is being branded, and the kind of goals that it wants to be achieved.

Are you eager to expand your target market? Do you want to have professional recognition towards the audience? Does your business need to be developed and scaled up? Is your brand planning to reach more potential customers? If you have those questions in your mind, it is time to take a branding or rebranding project!

The Essentials of Branding Strategies Process

The branding strategy process will drive your business decisions, so you should know how Branding Company Jakarta will serve your brand.

Brand Identity

The remarkable and memorable visual identity that described a brand to be well-known.

Brand Strategy

Ensure brand recognition through strategies amid a competitive environment.

Brand Naming

The name of a brand that is recognized by the audience will also drive the potential customers.

Brand Research

Research the brand’s background and needs to provide the best branding experiences.

Brand Positioning

We craft the values to create brand positioning and make it memorable in the mind of customers.

Brand Review

Review and analyze the branding strategies at the end of the project.

Best Value For Your Brand

Logo Creation

  • Logo Brand
  • Logo Philosophy
  • Tagline
  • Color Palete
  • Typography
  • Graphic Element
  • Mood Board
  • Business & ID Card
  • Stationaries
  • Promotional Needs

Brand Identity

  • Brand Name & Logo
  • Philosophy
  • Tagline
  • Color Palete
  • Typography
  • Graphic Element
  • Mood Board
  • Business & ID Card
  • Stationaries
  • Promotional Needs

Brand Book

Ask us
  • Your Company DNA
  • Brand Tone of Voice
  • Brand Messaging
  • Visual Implementation
  • Brand Identity
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Supergraphic
  • Photography
  • Grid & Layout System

Branding Development Process

Research & Analysis

We are eager to engage with brand development projects. Our team consists of business and branding specialists that will deep dive into your brands before executing the strategies. We will research how your competitors work and have an intelligent analysis of the suitable campaigns.

Audit & Identify

To work closely with you as our clients, we will discover what capabilities and strengths you have to level up the brand. We also identify the weakness that may obstruct the development process. In the end, our branding experts will define the most viable way for your brand.

Brand Expressions

If you want to present a strong brand, you must provide unique visual identities and imaginary. This one will help your brand to express itself consistently through all channels, from social media to the website. We are here to help your brand grow with a professional and captivating presence.

Brand Strategy

We are crafting the branding strategies that are formulated from clear design thinking into a creative performance. After crafting, we are enlarging the strategies that are most suitable for your brand to align with your characteristics. We also build the quality of brands to stand out with uniqueness

Brand Activation

It is said that the brands come into our life after precise strategies secret formulation combined with creative production. Helping your business to stand out and have the “live a brand” to get customers’ attention is essential for brand activation. In this step, we create brand elements that can communicate the brand’s essence

Design Development

We take your brand through simulating great designs inspired by conceptual directions. To create the visual imagery of your brand, we process the development designs. We will strengthen your brand that is described by visuals and colors.

Brand Management

We formulate and develop comprehensive brand management guidelines that allow your brand to communicate with the audience effectively and efficiently. We start from all channels of brand marketing and projects to provide the audiences best experiences.

Growing Your Brand is What we Do.

As a professional Agency Branding Jakarta, our team is ready to discuss your goals for growth, and how we can best help you achieve them.

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