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Jawara Systems is a provider of Maritime System Solutions and is a renowned Project Specialist Dealer of PT. Furuno Electric Indonesia, managing Furuno’s various projects throughout Indonesia. Their offering encompasses an integrated Multi-Discipline Engineering Services system, which provides exhaustive engineering solutions that comply with international quality standards and best practices. Among their innovative product offerings are PortNus, a system integration product designed for maritime security surveillance and water monitoring, and I-Win, a comprehensive data storage system tailored to accommodate multiple ports, cloud storage, and superior data encryption. They are recognized by PT. Furuno Electric Indonesia, holding a Letter of Appointment and Recommendation Letter that affirm the high compatibility of their PortNus software with Furuno equipment. This software is designed for user ease, providing flexibility and plug-in capabilities for additional sensors and modules. Jawara Systems is deeply committed to optimizing their clients’ asset requirements and remains open for discussions and business collaborations.


Creative agency Jakarta Melon Branding had the opportunity to develop a website for Giga Solusi. This required creating an online platform that not only showcases their range of solutions but also accurately represents their mission to propel Indonesia’s industrial landscape into the future. As one of the branding agency Indonesia, we are always ready to help all of our clients’ businesses to be even better.





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