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Queen Bakmi

Queen Bakmi is a purveyor of premium chicken noodles, catering to discerning noodle enthusiasts with its four distinct types: broad noodles, elastic noodles, sweet variant, and savory variant. They are committed to offering 100% halal products, honoring cultural dietary requirements and inclusivity.


Queen Bakmi targets noodle lovers, specifically those residing in Jakarta and Singapore. With their exclusive packaging, they strive to provide a luxurious dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Their commitment to quality and unique flavor profiles sets them apart in the bustling food scene.


A highly experienced branding agency Indonesia such as Melon Branding had the opportunity to collaborate with Queen Bakmi, with a focus on managing their social media presence. Through this platform, we highlight their commitment to quality, variety and a premium dining experience. Engaging content helps them connect with their customer base and broadens their reach to new potential customers. As a creative agency Indonesia, we are ready to help each of our client’s businesses to grow and develop.




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