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Rayspeed Asia

Established on April 1, 2000, Rayspeed Asia is an experienced Indonesian Freight Forwarding company, specializing in delivering goods to Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Their comprehensive services extend to logistics, daily warehouse rental, and project-based needs. With their long-standing experience, Rayspeed Asia aspires to become the best logistics company in Indonesia and a leader in Asia.

At advertising agency Melon Branding, we are happy to help Rayspeed Asia strengthen their online presence through social media and digital marketing. We’ve designed a compelling campaign highlighting their extensive service, reliability and commitment to excellence. Our digital marketing strategy focuses on expanding their reach, attracting potential clients and strengthening their reputation as a leading freight forwarding and logistics company. Through the efforts of our branding agency Jakarta, we aim to support Rayspeed Asia in achieving its vision to be the best in its field.





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