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Sokana is a Jakarta-based nail care business located in Kelapa Gading, primarily catering to women. It’s a comprehensive nail salon that offers a variety of services and products centered around nail care and beautification. Sokana is more than just a salon; it’s a sanctuary where customers can unwind while receiving top-quality care for their nails. They are committed to providing a gratifying experience for each client, combining professional expertise with a diverse range of services to cater to all nail care and beauty needs.

As a branding agency Jakarta, Melon Branding has been instrumental in the brand creation for Sokana. Our collaborative journey involved the development of a unique brand identity that truly encapsulates the essence of Sokana. We also designed their company profile, ensuring that it accurately and attractively portrays the array of services and the ethos of the brand. Our efforts also extended to managing Sokana’s social media presence. With our strategic planning and consistent engagement from advertising agency like us, we aim to increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, and enhance Sokana’s overall brand image in the digital sphere.


2022 – 2023


Brand Creation, Company Profile, and Social Media

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