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Melon is a company engaged in Branding services including content creation, creative design,digital marketing, and website developer.

We have been trusted by more than 4,000 client since 2013. We provide solution for your business!

Our Vision:

"Being the most most influential provider of branding services in entrepreneurial growth in Indonesia"

Our Mission:


Inspire the community to build a business.


Educate business people about the importance of Branding services for their businesses.


Providing professional services and giving a real impact to clients.

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Needless to say that we here feel very strongly about working in partnership with other developers, ideas and technologies.

Why Melon?

We have many advantages over others

Customize Service

We provide th emost suitable and most needed services for your company


We have experienced helping and managing MSMEs since 2013

Customer Support

Responsive for your questions and complaints

We also provide Free consultations in fileds related to our services.

Which branding services are most suitable for your business?

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Melon is a provider of branding services including creative design, digital marketing, website developers, product photos and video creation to support your business branding needs. To see our services complete at www.melonbranding.com/services

The Importance of Branding Services for Your Company
All Businesses turn to the Digital Age
We can see even though offline companies are starting to pioneer and fix their businesses online. Like it or not, talking about our business must also keep up with the times. Upgrade your company to keep up with developments in this Digital Age. As Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”
The Importance of Branding through the Internet
As we have seen on Social Media right now it’s not just for sharing. But it has become a place to “show off” aka Branding. Whether it’s the Personal Branding or Business Branding. Both have the potential to make money. If your company wants to develop in the Digital Age, then you need Branding services at this time.
Great Opportunity for Business Development
Different from before, in this Digital Era the development of a company is not based on how much capital you have, but the development of a business is based on Brand Image and how much Brand Awareness your company is.

  • Customize Service Kami memberikan jasa yang paling cocok dan yang paling dibutuhkan untuk perusahaan Anda,
  • We have experienced helping and managing MSMEs since 2013.
  • Our service customer support is always responsive in serving your questions and complaints.
  • We also provide Free consultations in fields related to our services

You can contact our customer service via Whatsapp 083878014025 for a free consultation about which services are most appropriate for your business.

Yes, we can process service orders from outside the city or abroad.

Order through LINE @ using an automated system and the best information from us.

The warranty is tailored to the services taken by the client. There is information on each service.