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How do you know if your company needs Social Media Activation?

If your company is Business to Consumer (B2C), you are obliged to be active and even take your branding and marketing strategy on social media seriously because Social Media can be one of the front lines for selling your products/services.

Meanwhile, if your company is Business to Business (B2B), you need to be present and active on social media for branding, whereas from a marketing perspective it is only suitable for a few platforms.

Are you still confused about whether your company needs to activate on social media and what platform is it best to activate?
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Social Media Management


Instagram Management

Focus on maintaining brand consistency, boosting your brand's visibility, and engagement.

Tiktok Management

Designed to make a captivating TikTok
content to boosting your brand exposure.


Linkedin Management

Optimizing LinkedIn profile presence for networking and professional growth.


Facebook Management

Strategically improving Facebook Page to meet specific company goals and objectives.


Twitter (X) Management

Strong online presence and convey your brand message effectively through strategic content.


Thread Management

Streamlines and enhances the readability of longer content, easy-to-follow format.


Youtube Management

Effectively reaching and educating a broader audience to achieve specific goals.

Podcast Management

End-to-end process of creating, publishing, promoting to engage & expand the audience.


Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

Finding influencers that suitable to represent your brand and deliver maximum results.

Define the Goals

Social media goals should emphasize growth, but differentiating them from project-specific KPIs can be challenging. The overall objective is increased user engagement, with a specific KPI for conversions. Clear communication of social media goals with partners is vital for alignment.

Find the Problem

Social media challenges for businesses encompass issues such as maintaining a consistent brand image, managing online reputation, and effectively engaging with the target audience. These challenges require strategic planning, regular monitoring, and adaptability to the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Defining a social media proposition for a brand involves understanding the brand and audience, setting clear goals, planning content and engagement strategies, and ensuring brand consistency. It's a strategic process that aligns the brand's identity with effective engagement on social platforms.

Measure the Success

Defining objectives, selecting metrics, setting benchmarks, roles, and reporting frequency. Regular meetings enable adjustments, fostering adaptability, and clear documentation ensures accountability and alignment among team members.


To boost social media performance, set clear objectives, track key metrics, analyze the audience and competition, maintain a content calendar, engage promptly, gather feedback, and adjust strategies for ongoing improvement.

Frequently Ask Question

Typically, our collaborations span 12 months, allowing us to fully immerse in your brand and deliver impactful results.

We usually require a minimum of 14 working days to set everything up for a smooth and efficient start.

To ensure dedicated attention and quality, we handle a maximum of 10 clients per month and per team.

Absolutely. We initiate our partnership with a Cooperation Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement to guarantee your company’s confidentiality. Post-collaboration, we also provide a Handover Report or  Berita Acara Serah Terima (BAST) for your records.

Each project involves at least 5 specialists: a Copywriter, Designer, Admin, Digital Marketer, and Account Executive. Additional team members like Photographers, Videographers, and Content Creators are brought in as per project requirements.

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