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Andson Sarana Bagus

Andson Sarana Bagus is a reputable company offering an array of medical supplies, disposables, and comprehensive maintenance services. They take pride in their commitment to providing excellence at every stage, from purchasing to post-sale service, ensuring customer satisfaction. Andson Sarana Bagus extends its services to include trained technicians for maintaining and servicing medical equipment. Their product range covers surgical tools, patient monitoring devices, and life support systems. Since 1999, they have established a robust relationship with Mindray, a globally recognized provider of medical devices and solutions. Their business ethos is deeply rooted in the belief, quoted from Joyce Meyer, that “the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”


As a creative agency Jakarta that has handled many clients, Melon Branding provides the main service for Andson Sarana Bagus, namely website development and maintenance. With this service, it is hoped that prospective clients can learn more about Andson Sarana Bagus. Not only as a branding agency Indonesia, we also provide many other services that adapt to client needs.





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