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PT Bestra Global Indonesia (BESTRA) is a company engaged in the distribution of construction and mining spare parts (heavy equipment spare parts). BESTRA is the official distributor of the LOMOS / INDOZ brand and Donaldson reseller for the Sulawesi and Eastern Indonesia regions. Product scope of heavy equipment spare parts: seal kits, undercarriage, bucket attachments, electrical, filtration, inner parts, grease, miscellaneous, etc.

Niche Targeting

Instead of trying to compete directly with established players, with BESTRA, we identify and target niche segments within the market that are underserved or have specific needs. By offering specialized products or services tailored to these niches, BESTRA can carve out a distinct and valuable position.

Innovation and Differentiation

By developing unique features, superior quality, or unmatched customer experiences, we make BESTRA stand out in a crowded market, attracting customers who value innovation and excellence.

Key Achievements

Market Expansion

Through meticulous market research and strategic planning, we successfully orchestrated BESTRA entry into three distinct markets. By deploying tailored market entry strategies, we managed to not only establish a firm foothold but also cultivate sustainable growth trajectories.

Strategic Partnerships

Our collaborative efforts led to the establishment of strategic alliances with three prominent technology giants. These alliances served as a testament to BESTRA competence and positioned them as a valuable contributor within the industry ecosystem.

Pipeline Development

Leveraging our data-driven insights, we meticulously designed and executed an intricate sales pipeline strategy. This strategy employed a laser-focused approach, targeting key industries and verticals that aligned with BESTRA core competencies.

Remarkable Revenue Surge

Our strategic interventions and synergistic partnership endeavors contributed to a remarkable surge in BESTRA revenue, recording an impressive 60% increment over the past year.

Unparalleled Client Retention

By adopting a proactive approach to client relationship management, we have consistently upheld a 95% client retention rate. This achievement underscores our dedication to nurturing long-lasting partnerships and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of BESTRA esteemed clientele.

Content Pilar

Along with Bestra, we maintain the audience in consistency of our value and purpose. We convince our audience and client by serving variety, quality, availability, and competitive aspects of Content Pilar.


Bestra provides a wide choice of spare parts products for various types of heavy equipment from various brands.


Bestra guarantees to provide original, compatible spare parts and reliable and long-lasting performance by leading manufacturers.


Bestra is committed to maintaining stock availability of various spare parts that are often sought by customers.


Despite offering high quality products, Bestra strives to provide competitive & affordable prices to customers.


Social Media Management

We enhance online presence through distinguished Social Media Management services. Our adept team meticulously crafts compelling posts tailored precisely to identity BESTRA.


Our team of experts is dedicated to offering comprehensive insights across BESTRA related topic. Furnish BESTRA audience with the knowledge that can be applied in daily basis, we are committed to delivering precise and valuable information to meet BESTRA audience needs.


By Social Media, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of BESTRA latest product. Our aim is to empower the audience with a knowledge of BESTRA product, therefore, the conversion would be effective for BESTRA as well as the audience.


Embracing guidance in the realm of heavy equipment acknowledges of BESTRA. Our social media management is not only for selling and promoting product in purpose but also we engage with the audience by sharing tips to assist them in heavy equipment operation.

Digital Marketing

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with BESTRA, a prominent supplier and distributor of heavy equipment spare parts, to elevate their online presence. Within a mere two months, our strategic SEO efforts propelled BESTRA’s keywords to the coveted first page, enhancing their visibility and market reach.

Our social media prowess came into play, where we devised captivating content pillars and engaged in Instagram meta ads that not only garnered an impressive 300k+ monthly reach but also ignited over 30 Direct Messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, all achieved with an outstanding Cost Per Result (CPR) of Rp19,000+.

Additionally, our proficient management of Google Ads further bolstered BESTRA’s digital footprint, cementing our commitment to propelling their success in the competitive heavy equipment industry.

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