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Giga Solusi is a forward-thinking company that strives to bring innovative technology and solutions to the forefront of Indonesia’s industrial sector. They position themselves as an authentic and rapid-response partner, upon whom their clients can depend on to prosper within the industry. Always striving for service excellence, Giga Solusi tailors each solution according to the unique needs of their clients. They offer a wide range of products and solutions and are ready to assist clients who might be unsure of where to start. Furthermore, they maintain a “What’s New” section on their website where they share the latest updates and articles pertinent to their field, such as IoT asset tracking solutions and the control of polymer additives in the extrusion process.


Creative agency Jakarta Melon Branding had the opportunity to develop a website for Giga Solusi. This required creating an online platform that not only showcases their range of solutions but also accurately represents their mission to propel Indonesia’s industrial landscape into the future. As one of the branding agency Indonesia, we are always ready to help all of our clients’ businesses to be even better.





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