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Healthy Home is a company focused on the concept of promoting healthier living environments. Rooted in the philosophy of a harmonious blend between modern lifestyle and the essence of nature, Healthy Home seeks to deliver living spaces that are designed around the four fundamental elements of life: earth, air, fire, and water. The choice of the company’s dominant colors, green and white, represent freshness, peace, calmness, purity, and cleanliness, which not only aligns with the brand’s philosophy but also enhances the visual appeal of their brand representation.


As the best branding agency Jakarta, Melon Branding had the opportunity to work on making pitch decks for Rumah Sehat. This process involves designing their logo with careful consideration of their brand values and philosophy. The ‘Healthy Home’ logotype and the letter ‘H’ shape are carefully designed to incorporate the four essential elements of life. Our challenge is to ensure these elements are subtly but clearly represented within the logo. The use of green and white as the dominant colours help us convey a sense of serenity and purity of Rumah Sehat. Our final pitch deck encapsulates the essence of Rumah Sehat, tells its story, and conveys its commitment to offer living spaces that beautifully blend modern living and natural elements. Entrust all your digital needs to a trusted creative agency Indonesia such as Melon Branding.




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