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HRD Venture Trade, your ultimate destination for premium coconut charcoal briquettes. HRD Venture is committed to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.

With explore range of 100% natural, chemical-free briquettes with a burning time of over 2 hours

Client: HRD Venture

Service: Brand Identity

Year: 2023


How we solve the problems


The first step is to clearly define and identify the problem we are facing. This may involve gathering data, talking to team members, or conducting market research to understand the issue thoroughly.


Once we’ve identified the problem, we dig deeper to determine its root causes. This involves looking beyond the symptoms and understanding what is causing the problem to occur.


Brainstorm potential solutions to address the root causes we’ve identified. Encourage creative thinking and involve relevant team members in the brainstorming process.


We choose the most viable solution from our list and create an action plan for its implementation. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and allocate resources as needed.


Assess both the quantitative and qualitative outcomes. If the problem persists or new issues arise, we prepared to adjust our approach and go back to step 3 if necessary. Continuous improvement is key to successful business development.

Driven Formula For

Content Pillar

We’ll delve into the dynamic world of charcoal briquette production and business development, sharing our experiences, challenges, and strategies for creating a greener, more sustainable future.




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