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Indoguna, with its roots in beef supply, has evolved into a culinary trailblazer, offering a diverse array of premium products for the hospitality sector.

Partnered with global suppliers and committed to innovation, Indoguna has expanded its portfolio to include everything from seafood to pastries. Through its subsidiary, Indokulina, and collaborations like PT Saranakulina Intisejahtera, the brand consistently upholds its promise of delivering gourmet excellence, exemplifying its dedication to both quality and evolution in the food industry.


The Indoguna logo draws inspiration directly from its namesake, particularly focusing on the characters ‘I’ and ‘G’. Recognizing Indoguna’s established reputation in the market, it was pivotal to craft a logo that encapsulates its legacy while signaling its forward-thinking approach.
The rounded design of the ‘I’ is a contemporary nod to staying abreast with dynamic culinary trends. Meanwhile, the arrow element within the ‘G’ serves as a powerful metaphor for Indoguna’s unwavering drive for progress and ambition to continually advance in the industry.



Space Grotesk

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is an English-language pangram – a sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet. The phrase is commonly used for touch-typing practice, testing typewriters and computer keyboards, displaying examples of fonts, and other applications involving text where the use of all letters in the alphabet is desired.

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