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Kokokji is a food outlet that offers a delightful treat of Taiwanese fried chicken. The establishment takes pride in its cultural heritage, making it a focal point of its identity. The authentic flavors and signature style of their offerings make Kokokji a popular choice among fans of Taiwanese cuisine.


One of the best creative agency Indonesia, Melon Branding, was tasked with creating a logo that encapsulates the essence of Kokokji. With red being a colour frequently used by fast food chains, and associated with passion and excitement, it was a natural choice for the main hue of the Kokokji brand. To top it off, we’ve used yellow, a colour often associated with happiness and warmth. The combination of these colours results in a vibrant and eye-catching palette, creating a lively atmosphere and a flavorful Kokokji dish. In creating the logo, we incorporated the hat element into the design, which serves as a symbol of their cultural pride. This signature touch further differentiates Kokokji, enhances its brand recognition, and fosters strong relationships with its customers who value Kokokji’s pride in its Taiwanese roots. Our ability as branding consultant Jakarta has made us one of the right agencies if you want to build strong branding for your business







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