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Perumnas Mahata Tanjung Barat

Mahata Tanjung Barat is a unique apartment project backed by the government, seamlessly integrating with the KAI/train infrastructure for maximum convenience. Offering an exceptional living experience, these apartments are designed with modern amenities and easy access to public transportation, perfect for today’s urban lifestyle. Furthermore, with their 0% down payment offering, they aim to support new families in finding a comfortable and affordable home.


As a highly experienced branding agency Jakarta, Melon Branding is proud to have played a role in the early stages of the Mahata Tanjung Barat project. Our work focuses on raising awareness before the apartments officially open. We designed and implemented a strategic marketing campaign that effectively communicated the unique value proposition of this apartment, emphasizing the no down payment opportunity for new families. Through the efforts of our advertising agency, we aim to generate interest and attract prospective homeowners, contributing to the successful launch of the Mahata Tanjung Barat apartment.




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