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Momo Mentai

Momo Mentai is a specialty restaurant focusing on serving dishes with a flair of Mentai, a Japanese style of seasoned cod roe. We at Melon Branding have had the pleasure of working with them for nearly three years, since mid-2020, providing services such as social media management and digital marketing.


As a branding agency Jakarta that is ready to provide the best ideas, we’ve also had the unique opportunity to develop a mascot for their brand, creating a tangible representation of Momo Mentai’s distinctive character and spirit. This mascot not only adds a playful touch to its branding but also serves to foster a deeper connection with its customer base.


One of our proudest achievements while working with Momo Mentai was the considerable growth in sales we were able to facilitate. By the end of the first year of our partnership, we had helped drive monthly sales to nearly 100 million IDR for each delivery platform, like Gojek and Grab, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic marketing efforts.


Our advertising agency ongoing collaboration with Momo Mentai reflects our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the F&B industry.


2020 – 2023


Social Media, Photography, Digital Marketing, and Mascot

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