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Nusadata is a comprehensive data marketplace that serves as a conduit for data providers to publish their data catalogs or offer private channels to specific data consumers. They uphold a trusted transaction environment through stringent approval processes, ensuring that only authorized and approved data exchanges take place on their platform. As an ISO 27001:2013 certified entity, they are registered and regulated by KOMINFO, complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Laws in Indonesia. Leveraging advanced technology, such as Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Secret Computing, they facilitate data collaboration in strictly regulated industries. Nusadata fosters transparent transactions with clear pricing and commercial models between data providers and data consumers, reinforcing this through data access agreements between the two parties.


Melon Branding, which is known as one of the branding agency Jakarta, is very proud to have contributed to the evolution of the Nusadata brand by pioneering the creation of its brand and the development of its brand identity. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a cohesive and engaging visual narrative that effectively represents Nusadata’s commitment to trusted, transparent and secure data transactions. With the branding and advertising agency services we provide, we are sure we can bring this business in a better direction.





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