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PT Kartika Alas Utama

PT Kartika Alas Utama is a leading specialist in the field of mechanical supply, with a strong focus on bolts and nuts. This business is committed to providing superior quality products and exceptional service, meeting a diverse range of requirements in various industries. Their vast selection of mechanical parts and their extensive knowledge make them a trusted choice for customers seeking precision and reliability.

As one of the branding agency Jakarta, Melon Branding has teamed up with PT Kartika Alas Utama to enhance its digital presence. We have created and maintained their market and company profile, demonstrating their commitment to quality and service. Our strategic digital efforts aim to increase the visibility of their brands, making it easier for potential clients to find their services and products. Through the collaboration of our advertising agency services, Melon Branding have helped PT Kartika Alas Utama strengthen its market position and strengthen its brand.


Mei 2019 – 2023


Marketplace Management and Company profile

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