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Rigo Metal Furniture

Rigo Metal Furniture is a leading brand in the metal furniture industry, known for its robust and stylish creations. The name “Rigo” resonates strength and blessing, manifesting their aim to cultivate spaces where inhabitants feel both comforted and blessed. With a wide range of services from design consultation, space planning, and layout, to custom metal furniture design, Rigo Metal Furniture ensures that every corner of your room is optimized, and every piece of furniture matches your style and meets your needs. Their team of seasoned professionals take the time to comprehend the client’s needs, helping them to weave their stories into the interior works. Whether it’s a minimalist modern look or a chic industrial style, Rigo Metal Furniture is devoted to creating interiors that aren’t just comfortable but also echo the unique narratives of their clients.


In our partnership with Rigo Metal Furniture, Melon Branding a trusted branding agency Jakarta is responsible for managing social media and digital marketing initiatives as well as developing their website. The goal is to build a strong digital presence that aligns with the brand’s core values and aesthetic, amplifying its reach to a wider audience. Our advertising agency social media strategy involves creating engaging content that not only showcases its products and services but also showcases its unique approach to interior design. Digital marketing strategies are designed to promote brands effectively, target the right audience and grow greater brand awareness. Meanwhile, our website development efforts are directed towards designing an interactive and visually appealing platform that reflects Rigo’s unique identity and makes navigation easy for users. The website is also equipped with e-commerce features to facilitate a seamless online shopping experience for customers.


2019 – 2023



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