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South Barn transcends the confines of mere fitness; it’s a nurturing ground for building connections and fostering a vibrant community where well-being flourishes. As a collaborative sports hub, they firmly believe in the strength found in collective efforts towards wellness goals, the exchange of experiences, and mutual support throughout each individual’s journey. At South Barn, inclusivity reigns, providing a warm and inviting space where all individuals are empowered to reach their utmost potential.

Client: South Barn

Service: Brand Identity and Website Development

Year: 2023

logo southbarn

Logo Creation

The South Barn logo is a visual representation that combines two key
elements: a vintage atmosphere that evokes the barn, tavern, and country vibes, and a modern touch that is firm and robust. This reflects the essence of South Barn as a community deeply rooted amidst the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s somewhat unhealthy lifestyle. The logo mark, consisting of the letters “S” and “B,” illustrates strength and stability, visualizing the pursuit of optimal health and fitness.

In its overall design, the South Barn logo creates a unique harmony between the inviting comfort and tranquility of vintage tones and the modern elements that highlight a sharp focus on goals and dedication. This portrays South Barn as a place where the community thrives in a supportive atmosphere, and members collectively embark on a journey towards the healthy life they aspire to.

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Website Development

Melon Branding is committed to crafting a digital platform that mirrors their ethos of fostering connections and promoting holistic well-being. Through innovative design and seamless functionality, we aim to create a dynamic online space where individuals can explore, engage, and be inspired to embark on their wellness journey.

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