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Tiang represents the epitome of architectural and interior design excellence, dedicated to transforming visions into reality with unwavering support and expertise. Symbolizing strength and stability, Tiang commits to elevating spaces and inspiring lives through meticulous planning, sophisticated design, and precise execution.

Client: Tiang

Service: Website Development and Social Media Management

Year: 2023

logo mark tiang

Melon Branding Elevates Tiang with Distinctive Brand Identity and Digital Presence

Melon Branding has crafted a unique brand identity for Tiang, encapsulating its essence through a logo that symbolizes the foundational strength and support Tiang offers to its clients. This creative endeavor extends to developing a comprehensive visual language that reflects Tiang’s commitment to architectural and interior design excellence, enhancing its brand recognition across all touchpoints.

logo tiang living

Furthering Tiang’s brand identity, Melon Branding has meticulously implemented this new visual language through website development and social media management. By creating a cohesive online experience, Melon Branding ensures that Tiang’s digital presence resonates with its core values and mission, engaging current and prospective clients with a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design.

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