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PT Tiga Sumber Audio represents the apex of auditory excellence, focusing on elevating the car audio experience to unmatched levels. Specializing in high-quality car audio systems directly imported from international suppliers, this company boasts years of expertise in providing the ultimate sound experience. Tiga Sumber Audio is committed to transforming car audio systems into orchestras of clarity and depth, ensuring an impeccable auditory journey for audiophiles and casual listeners.

Client: Tiga Sumber Audio

Service: Website Development, Marketplace and Social Media Activation

Year: 2023

Our Workflow

The Journey of Our Process

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Melon Branding enhances PT Tiga Sumber Audio's online footprint by activating their social media presence.

Melon Branding's Strategy for PT Tiga Sumber Audio

Melon Branding crafted a dynamic strategy to elevate PT Tiga Sumber Audio’s presence, from conducting detailed product shoots to developing an engaging website and activating their marketplace for a unified customer experience. We further boosted their brand by enhancing their social media engagement, solidifying PT Tiga Sumber Audio’s connection with their audience.

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