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Based in Jakarta, Trovee Studio is a one-stop solution for corporate, community, and B2B awards. They take pride in being a part of each significant achievement and success, honoring contributions and hard work with high-quality awards. These awards serve not only as symbols of appreciation but also enhance impressions in the eyes of others. Trovee Studio is rooted in the power of listening to their clients, understanding that the more they listen, the more their clients are heard. Additionally, they share valuable creations in the form of case studies, showcasing the storytelling behind their work. Each award they create carries a personal touch, rendering them unique and memorable.


Melon Branding as one of the most trusted branding agency Indonesia has been privileged to assist Trovee Studio with social media, digital marketing and website development. Our social media strategy aims to highlight the unique qualities of their awards and the care behind their creation. Through digital marketing, we have sought to increase their online presence, attract potential clients and strengthen their position as a leading corporate, community and B2B rewards provider. Lastly, we’ve developed websites that not only showcase their outstanding awards but also tell the story behind them, giving visitors a glimpse of the care and dedication that goes into each piece. Our ongoing efforts as a creative agency Jakarta aim to support Trovee Studio in its mission of celebrating and honouring significant milestones and successes.





Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Website Development

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