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Xynergy Realty Indonesia is a leading real estate agency specializing in Australian and international properties. Since its establishment in 2008, the agency has been instrumental in assisting clients in Indonesia who are keen to invest in the Australian real estate market. Their experienced and dedicated team of professionals provide a full suite of real estate services that encompass investment consulting, property buying and selling, and property management. Their portfolio showcases a variety of properties, and they also deliver timely news and events pertaining to the real estate sector. Over the years, Xynergy Realty Indonesia has managed an impressive array of assets and properties, both residential and commercial, while expanding their presence through new branches in diverse locations. They pride themselves on being a comprehensive solution provider for all property investment needs.

Melon Branding as a branding agency Indonesia, collaborates with Xynergy Realty Indonesia to manage their social media.We employ our expertise in content creation, customer engagement, and online marketing to heighten the agency’s social media presence. Through consistently creating and posting relevant content, we help to not only boost their brand idenity visibility but also effectively communicate their value proposition to the target audience. Our advertising agency strategy aim to enhance Xynergy Realty Indonesia’s brand image, promote their services, and drive potential clients to their business, thereby contributing to their growth and success.





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