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About Yojea

Yojea redefines women’s health with a legacy health drink rooted in herbal traditions since the 1970s, focusing on intimate well-being and empowerment. Its formula, rich in potent ingredients like tightening wood, targets elasticity, breast firmness, and protection against infections and odors, catering to women aged 12-55. The brand symbolizes its commitment through a logo that melds tradition and support, featuring a flower with a stem-shaped ‘J’, embodying Yojea as a pillar of wellness.

Client: Yojea

Service: Brand Identity

Year: 2024

Melon Branding Defines Yojea’s Core with Authentic Brand Identity

In a harmonious blend of herbal wisdom and modern sophistication, Melon Branding has meticulously crafted Yojea’s brand identity to resonate deeply with its core mission of empowering women’s health. By encapsulating the essence of Yojea’s legacy health drink through a visually compelling logo and a color palette that reflects the natural beauty of womanhood, Melon Branding has successfully positioned Yojea as a beacon of support and empowerment for women’s intimate well-being.

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