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Jakarta, September 2023 – The business landscape in Indonesia continues to flourish with expanding potential. Keeping pace with this growth, IFRA is back with the country’s largest license, franchise, and partnership business exhibition titled “The 21st IFRA Business Expo 2023.”

Held from August 25 to 27, 2023, in Hall 5, ICE BSD City, Tangerang, the exhibition offers a platform for entrepreneurs to explore opportunities, build networks, and secure the best business deals.

In light of the undeniable success of the IFRA Business Expo 2023, the commendable role of Melon Branding stands out. As a distinguished Community Partner and host, Melon Branding has etched a significant mark in the event’s annals.

Expo Highlights and Frachise Growth

Throughout the expo, visitors have the privilege of attending a plethora of events. From engaging talk shows and insightful business presentations to celebpreneur dialogues and other enriching educational sessions, the expo truly has it all. Moreover, prominent brands such as Alfamart, Erafone, and Link Express eagerly await, open to collaboration and offering enticing franchise opportunities.

Remarkably, the franchise business sector in Indonesia is currently basking in its golden age, having experienced a 5% growth in 2021 alone. Through the IFRA 2023 expo, visitors are endowed with deep insights into this thriving industry and a clear lens into the available business prospects.

Anang Sukandar, Chairman of the Indonesian Franchise Association (AFI), voiced his immense pride in the IFRA Business Expo 2023. This mega event, he believes, will stand as the largest platform for business magnates in the Indonesian franchise industry. Furthermore, the expo is anticipated to pave the way for fruitful collaborations, thereby bolstering Indonesia’s franchise industry.

Educational Initiatives and Collaborations

Spanning three days, this event offers a diverse array of educational programs. These range from stellar business presentations by renowned brands to captivating business talk shows graced by field experts.

Notably, Melon Branding assumed a central role as a host in the IFRA Business Expo 2023 podcast segment. In a strategic alliance with Mandiri and Telkomsel Orbit, this podcast cast a spotlight on a vast spectrum of topics. These encompassed business intricacies, groundbreaking innovations, and the freshest trends in the franchise domain. Consequently, listeners enjoyed a treasure trove of deep insights, courtesy of these three industry behemoths.

Another highlight of the IFRA 2023 expo was its encouragement for participants to unleash their innovation, display their unmatched creativity, and vie for prestigious awards. The expo paraded a rich tapestry of award nomination categories, spanning from intriguing business concept competitions to accolades for the best booth.

Concluding Remarks and Online Continuation

Mega Khoriani, Project Manager of IFRA 2023, conveyed her appreciation to all participants and visitors. This exhibition is tangible evidence of the spirit and enthusiasm of Indonesia’s franchise and licensing business world.

While the curtains may have drawn on the physical exhibition, the digital realm keeps the spirit alive. The online IFRA platform promises to remain a bustling hub until September 25, 2023. This ensures that a broader audience can access invaluable information and lucrative business opportunities in the franchise sector.

Significance of The Expo and Role of Melon Branding

In the expansive world of business exhibitions, IFRA Business Expo 2023 has set a benchmark in terms of sheer participation and the quality of collaboration and innovation displayed. By acting as a Community Partner, the contributions of Melon Branding during the event are a testament to their commitment to nurturing the growth of the franchise industry in Indonesia and their dedication to excellence.

The Importance of Strategic Branding with Melon Branding

In today’s dynamic world, as industries burgeon and metamorphose, the clarion call for strategic branding becomes louder. Effective branding equips businesses with a razor-sharp competitive edge, forging deep emotional connections with customers and ensuring unwavering loyalty. In this arena, Melon Branding emerges as a titan, proving its unparalleled expertise.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into branding, seeking a branding partner for your venture, or need guidance on any branding-related aspect, don’t hesitate to contact Melon Branding. We are equipped to cater to all your branding needs and can craft the perfect solution for your brand. Connect with us, and let’s make your brand stand out.

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