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Starting a new business always requires the right marketing strategy to achieve success. Proper marketing will ensure that the products and services offered are known and in demand by the right target market.


One popular and effective marketing strategy is contextual marketing. Therefore, this article will discuss the importance of adopting contextual marketing as part of the tips for success in starting a new business.

Overview of Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is a marketing technique in which marketing messages are created and distributed to the target market, adapted to the context and situation faced by the target market. On the other hand, marketing messages are tailored to the needs and wants of the target market at any given moment.

Why Use Contextual Marketing?

There are several reasons why contextual marketing is the right tips for success in starting a new business.

Firstly, this technique is highly effective in reaching the intended target market. By crafting a suitable marketing message and disseminating it at the opportune moment, as a result you can ensure that the message is received by those who require the product or service you offer


Secondly, contextual marketing can help to reinforce your brand and business image. By tailoring marketing messages to the context, you can bolster your brand image and create a positive impression on potential customers.


Thirdly, contextual marketing can assist in building relationships with customers. Moreover, by comprehending the desires and requirements of customers at any given time, you can tailor your marketing messages and develop stronger relationships with them.

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How to Adopt Contextual Marketing in a New Business?

1. Understand your target market

Firstly, adopting contextual marketing is one of the tips for starting a new business. The first step you need to do is to understand your target market. For instance, you need to know who will be the customer, what are their needs and wants, and what situations might the target market face.

2. Develop the right marketing message

Secondly, you need develop the right marketing message. Marketing messages must be adapted to the context and situation faced by the target market at a particular time. For example, suppose you sell products related to the season, such as summer beauty products. On the other hand, your marketing message needs to adapt to that season to be more effective.

3. Determine the right platform

Thirdly, you also need to determine the right platform to broadcast marketing messages. Currently, social media is a very popular and effective platform for spreading marketing messages. Therefore, you need to choose the right social media platform for your target market. For example, if your target market is younger, then Instagram and TikTok could be the right choice.

4. Disseminated at the right time

Fourthly, the next step is ensuring marketing messages are disseminated at the right time. For example, suppose you sell products related to the Eid al-Fitri holiday. In that case, you should spread marketing messages in the months leading up to Eid or during the month of Ramadan.

5. Monitoring and measuring the result

After that, you need to monitor and measure the results of marketing campaigns. For example you need to monitor how the target market receives your marketing messages and how effective marketing campaigns are in increasing sales. So, by monitoring and measuring the results of marketing campaigns, you can make improvements and developments for future campaigns.

Tips Sukses Memulai Bisnis

To sum up this article, we need to know that contextual marketing help you to ensure that marketing messages are appropriate to the context and situation faced by the target market at the right time. By adopting contextual marketing, new businesses can reach the right target market, strengthen brand image, build customer relationships, and increase sales. Therefore, it is very important for new business owners to adopt contextual marketing in their marketing strategy.

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