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Why Does Google Ads for Your Business?

You Pay Only for Results

Your ad will only be charged if a visitor clicks on your website ad. Our branding company Jakarta also ensures that every budget used is in accordance with the results obtained.

Targeted. Flexible. Measurable.

You can run the ads to be promoted to targeted audience, the one who interested in your products based on location, day, and time. It can be set according to budget and needs, with measurable results.

Billions of People Use Google

Everyday billions of people around the world use Google and its programs—and your ads could potentially appear before its programs

How Do We Make Your Google Ads Effective?

Showing your ads on Google search whenever audience look for your products or service based on keywords

Your phone number should be written on your running ads in order to drive targeted audience eager to make a call.

Audience at specific area or nearest area by your location can be exposed the running ads. This one is suitable for restaurant, florist, or local retail.

Displaying your ads through banner or text across many Google channels, such as Youtube, Gmail, website, or mobile apps. Banner also can reach wider audience; suitable for your brand awareness

Once your previous audience visit your website, with remarketing tactic your ads will always appear to them. Hereby, there is bigger chance of previous audience want to visit it more and more.

Our Services

Packages and Terms

Service Terms

  1. The payment system is at the beginning of the current month
  2. Terms of service follow the TOS from Google Ads and can be changed at any time
  3. Additional banner design is be charged IDR 1 million for each design concept
  4. We don’t accept the project from other agencies
  5. We don’t accept the projects that included (but are not limited to) pornography, gambling, illegal drugs, politics, and those that are not in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the Republic of Indonesia


Why Do You Choose Our Advertising Agency?

Conversion, Not Just Traffic

Not only traffic, but we also focused on how to make your ads drive the sales and targeted visitors.

Budget Optimized

Make you have minimalist budget ads, but get the results as highest as possible—so your budget will be spent effectively and efficiently.

Experienced Team

To carry out your strategic advertising, our advertising & branding agency Jakarta is supported by a team with experience in the field of Google Ads

Transparent Report

If it be needed, we will give you access to Google Ads dashboard in order to let you know the progress of running ads.

Our Portfolios

Either local business or national company, we have been handling businesses across many fields.

Creative and Effective Ads

Engaging and interesting headlines written by our creative team to boost the potential clicks of your ads.

Which digital marketing is most suitable for your business?

Companies have different needs depending on the type of product and your target market

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