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Key Opinion Leader

What is Key Opinion Leader?

Key Opinion Leader is someone who is an expert in a particular field, whose opinion was justified by considering specific areas.

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How to choose the Key Opinion Leader

To increase a more specific market, the use of influencer marketing or often called KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is increasingly widespread to promote a new brand or product. Brands should be careful in choosing influencers for their products. If necessary, the company can ask the help of an advertising agency to choose influencers. Here’s how to determine the right Key Opinion Leader for your Brand.

Know your Audience

Know your audience, this point is very important that makes it easy for you to choose the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) that best suits your product.

Learn their followers

The more followers you have, the easier it is for you to estimate how many audiences or consumers will see the message. However, you also have to be vigilant with fake followers.


KOL will later become a connector for a brand to its followers. A good influencer, the content will always be crowded with the actions of his followers.

Brand Relevance

Make sure that any content you provide to Influencers can be received well by the followers influencers.

Benefits of using Key Opinion Leader services

Brand Exposure

Displaying your brand to the right target market to choose the influencers who have the appropriate audience with your brand.

Expand Reach

Extend your reach to get the attention of the audience Key Opinion Leader you choose to display your Brand.


Using a Key Opinion Leader that is trusted by your target market will certainly increase engagement to your company account.

Quality Photo / Video

By using Key Opinion Leader services, you also get high quality photos or videos for your content on your website, social media or other digital needs.

Increase Followers

In addition to increasing engagement, your business profile followers on social media can also be increased by using this service.

Convert Sales

As your account traffic increases, your sales will also increase with the help of your chosen Influencer.

The right KOL services from a Branding Company Jakarta

Are you afraid of choosing the wrong Influencer? Contact branding agency Jakarta, for further consultation!

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