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Wanna Build a Website?

Learn this until the end and choose the best solution for your business.

First… find out more reasons why you need to build a website.

Your competitors have a website
why do you not?

Helps You Acquire an Online Presence

You can easily build your brand, showcase your projects, and highlight your strengths.

Narrow Down The Distance

Your website helps maintain the relationship between you and target market

Through website, your brand can show it's credibility and trustworthy so your target market do not doubt the legitimacy of your company.

Website is a great way to reflect your professionalism. It helps you spread a good impression which helps you gain more traffic and maintain a good brand image to the public. Please leave it to branding company Jakarta such as Melon Branding, which has been widely trusted to develop company websites for various business categories.




However, that doesn't mean your website exists only for display. It can actually bring you a lot of values – even above and beyond the more tried-and-tested selling techniques.

Melon Has The Power To Accomplish That

Based on our experience as a creative & advertising agency for 8 years, here’s the proof…

From Nothing

To Something

From Never Being Used

To Represent The Brand

From Only Existing

To Increase Sale

The Benefit You Will Get:

Melon build and maintain your website,

while others simply modify your website

Melon makes SEO-based contents for you,

while others keep asking for your content

Melon develop the efficient strategy for your brand,

while others will simply implement the current strategy

Melon will make your website number one,

while others will ignored your website

Melon give you free website maintenance for 1 year,

while others make you pay for it

Melon boost your sales,

while others don't benefit you

The Brands That Trust Us

Many companies entrust their websites to be managed and developed by Melong Branding. As one of branding agency Indonesia, we are ready to provide the best service for you

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The Best Value You Can Get

Choose Basic for pay as you need a Company Website, or go Pro
and get more benefits for your business.

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