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Have you ever wondered how to measure the performance of your website and optimize it? Well, this can be helped with Google Search Console. The benefits of Google Search Console for business are ideal for novice business people.


Before being named Google Search Console, this feature was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. Even though the name changed, the benefits of Google Search Console for business remain the same. Curious about what are the benefits? Check out the list below.

1. Definition of Google Search Console

illustration of using Google Search Console for business

Before learning about the benefits of Google Search Console for business, get to know the meaning of this free feature provided by Google. Google Search Console is useful for helping business people identify performance and optimize their websites organically. Therefore, this service is suitable for novice business people to build websites.

Besides that, Google Search Console is useful for monitoring website performance, keywords, traffic, domain referring, website performance on mobile devices, internal and external links, and much more. The performance in question includes access speed, readability, and layout or design. 

2. Benefits of Google Search Console

illustration of traffic on the website

There are at least seven benefits of Google Search Console for businesses that have just started. From increasing organic traffic to optimizing website speed, here are seven benefits of Google Search Console for business. 

Increase Organic Traffic

Increasing organic traffic is one of the main benefits of Google Search Console for businesses. The website traffic contains information regarding how many website visitors are, how long visitors are on the website, how often website links are shared, and so on.


Through Google Search Console, you can optimize your business website to increase the number of visitors. You can also find out how the website is currently performing so you can develop a better strategy in the future.

Analyzing Google Search Results

The next benefit of Google Search Console for businesses that is no less profitable is monitoring and analyzing Google search results. The number of clicks and impressions will measure your website performance, Click Through Rate (CTR), to the average position of your website in Google search results.

Monitoring Google Indexed Pages

The benefit of Google Search Console for other businesses is that it helps monitor pages that Google has indexed. This includes tracking the number of website pages that appear in Google search engine results, monitoring URLs that Google does not index, and providing information about keywords that are blocked on websites.

Analyzing Internal Links

The last benefit of Google Search Console for business is analyzing internal links. Known as inbound links, this type of link is embedded in website content sourced from other pages on your website. Not only enriching the contents of website pages, but internal links also play a role in increasing the credibility of your content.


In practice, Google Search Console analyzes whether the internal links are appropriate. That way, the content from your website can appear in a higher ranking on the Google search engine.

Identify Potential Problems on the Website

It’s not uncommon for business websites to experience technical problems that reduce performance and disrupt the visitor experience. In addition to security issues, these obstacles can be in the form of websites that Google can’t crawl properly, difficult to access on devices and many more.


While annoying, these potential issues can be analyzed thanks to Google Search Console’s benefits for businesses. That way, you can prepare anticipatory steps and plan solutions appropriately.

Fixed HTML

It’s not uncommon for HTML websites to experience problems, such as duplicate titles, errors in the meta description, content that can’t be indexed, etc. Through the benefits of Google Search Console for this business, you can solve this problem as soon as possible so your business website can work more optimally.

Optimizing Website Speed

Sites that take too long to load pages annoy visitors and give them a reason to switch to a competitor’s site. Surely you don’t want this to happen, right? Therefore, do website speed optimization with the help of Google Search Console. With the benefits of Google Search Console for this business, you don’t have to worry about visitors running away and your website ranking down.

Those seven benefits of Google Search Console for businesses are a shame to miss. With the support of the right SEO strategy, this feature from Google helps optimize the website so that it excels among competitors. Doing website optimization organically through Google Search Console makes the business development process easier to run. 

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