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How to implement online marketing 5.0

When we talk about example Example of Marketing 5.0 Implementation in Business, many business lines have implemented Marketing 5.0 principles in developing their business.  Artificial intelligence and data analysis, along with customer experience and personalization, assist decision-makers in a company in driving decision-making and strategy.


Moreover, various industries have used multiple objects connected to the internet or the internet of things (IoT) to collect data. This data, related to preferred commodities and customer behavior, becomes big data.


Artificial intelligence is then used to sort and process the big data, which requires industries to provide offers through advertisements that appear on your device.

Example of Implementation of Marketing 5.0

Using the latest technology to know and understand customers personally is a step taken by many companies. The following is an example of implementing marketing 5.0 in various types of industries:

Entertainment industry

The dependence on the internet is very prominent in the entertainment industry. These days, movie promotion basically relies on social media to promote trailers. Apart from that, the streaming platform for films and series through cinematic and OTT platforms offers suggestions for companies and series based on our behavior. For example, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Vidio, and other streaming services already use Marketing 5.0 in providing advertisements in the form of trailer promotions and film and series suggestions based on user behavior.

Food Industry

In the food industry, Marketing 5.0 provides many benefits. One of them is to offer recipes based on the processed dishes you like. Additionally, Marketing 5.0 also provides offers related to food delivery services based on your searches. Furthermore, Marketing 5.0 can also detect food choices based on your diet and exercise activities. We can see examples of Marketing 5.0 in applications such as Go-food, Grab Food, Shopee Food, Cookpad, and many others that provide suggestions based on our interest in enjoying food.

Legal Field

In the legal field, of course, a law firm needs more time to manage its digital presence or even manage its social media accounts. Marketing 5.0 enables law firm institutions to update their human resources on the latest issue trends. They can stay up-to-date with recently passed laws and offer perspectives on cases involving individuals or institutions. The key is using Marketing 5.0; a law firm needs to analyze and sort the audience’s interests regarding law and provide education. One example is Hotman Paris 911, a law firm that combines human resources and technology to educate and defend human rights cases.

Education Industry

Within the education industry, several institutions invest in creating content outside of their curriculum to educate their users about suitable careers. By using Marketing 5.0, the education industry obtains data related to the educational needs of each potential client and distributes advertisements according to their characteristics. In addition, the material created was also compiled based on an analysis of the data of each student who entered. Examples of companies that have implemented marketing 5.0 are Zenius and the teacher’s room, which provide publications to parents with special education concerns.

Health Space

In the health space, much of the investment is in social media advertising, creating campaigns targeted at users with different fitness goals. A health and wellness company uses influencers to post highly actionable content to appeal to a young audience. Examples of the fitness and health industry that have implemented Marketing 5.0 are Gold’s Gym and Bumame, which relies on the health trends of their audiences.

The Key to Successful Implementation of Marketing 5.0 in Business

Marketing 5.0 relies on a group of technologies commonly used by marketers, known as marketing technology or martech. As marketing experts, Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan list the seven most commonly used uses of martech.

Advertising Aspects

Martech implements AI-powered audience targeting, AI-enhanced ad creation, and programmatic media buying and ensures contextualized ads in advertising.

Content Marketing Aspects

Martech applies AI-powered audience targeting, predictive journey, content personalization, and content optimization in content marketing.

The Aspect of Direct Marketing

Martech implements product recommendation engines, marketing copy personalization, direct marketing automation, and predictions and analytics in direct marketing.

Aspects of Sales Customer Relationship Management (marketing CRM)

Martech applies discussions on lead management, AI-powered account management, sales forecasting, and analytics in Sales Customer Relationship Management (marketing CRM).

Aspects of distribution channels

Martech applies location selection for making kiosks, cashier robots, drone logistics, biometric payments, IoT-powered retail, and various virtual experiences in distribution channels.

Product and service aspects

Martech applies mass customization, dynamic pricing, everything as a service, and predictive product development in product and service aspects.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM service)

Martech applies chatbot services, AI-enhanced helpdesk, and predictive listening to social complaints in Customer Relationship Management (CRM service) service aspects.

Through the explanation above, you can see many examples of implementing Marketing 5.0 in business and how to use martech. It’s time for your business to also apply Marketing 5.0 to grow. So, entrust the professionals from Melon Branding Agency who have knowledge and experience in Marketing 5.0. Contact us further via cs.melonbranding@gmail.com or visit Instagram @melonbranding !

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