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As a business develops rapidly in the digital era, entrepreneurs providing goods and services compete in marketing their brands through digital marketing, for example, using Google Ads. The benefits of Google Ads are effective in developing businesses and expanding markets.


As the world’s largest search platform, Google provides innovative features for advertising businesses. With this feature, your business can appear on the first page of searches using relevant keywords.


The use of this feature is motivated by several factors, for example, to attract and increase visitor traffic to the company’s website to contribute to increased sales and business income. Curious about the benefits of Google Ads for marketing? Come on, see the review below.

Definition of Google Ads

Before discussing further the benefits of Google Ads for marketing, let’s first understand what Google Ads means. Google Ads is a paid platform for businesses to create and serve ads about their products and services.

This advertising is, of course, supported by selecting keywords or keywords that are relevant and often searched for in search engines. Furthermore, Google will manage and display the ads you create based on your targets and goals. Therefore, the business you advertise can appear on the first page and top searches.

This far, Google Ads is the best choice in online marketing. Through the various features provided, Google Ads helps you plan a more creative online business marketing strategy. For example, you can apply the long tail keyword feature (wider keyword matching) to make your ad’s appearance on search engines easier.

When you already understand the features and advantages of Google Ads, of course, this proves the benefits of Google Ads for online marketing have a good impact on business and product sales levels. Uniquely, the ads displayed by Google are not limited by space and time, so that anyone can watch them anytime.

Moreover, Google Ads allows you to target a more specific target market based on keywords, topics, categories, locations, time to show, and where you want your ad to appear. Also, you can adjust the advertisements you want to display with your marketing budget.

Benefits of Google Ads for Marketing

Benefits of Google Ads for Marketing

The benefits of Google Ads for marketing are not just limited to placing advertisements. You can find other advantages in the explanation below. You can use it as a reference, you know.

1. Reaching a Wider Target Market

One of the main benefits of Google Ads for marketing is reaching a wider target market. As the largest information search platform, Google is accessed by various residents in all parts of the world. And also the strength of Google, which is unlimited reach. Therefore, placing advertisements on Google Ads will also expand the target market, even abroad.

2. Facilitate Market Segmentation

By designing ads based on specific keywords and categories, Google Ads provide the benefit of easier targeting of potential consumers. The arrangement of advertisements into specific categories enables the ads to reach and appeal to a relevant audience effectively.

3. Ads Appear Faster

Apart from facilitating market segmentation, the benefits of Google Ads for marketing that are no less superior are that ads appear faster. With the help of the Search Engine Result Page, the ads created will appear on search engines in just a matter of minutes. Therefore, potential customers can recognize your business more quickly.

4. Save Budget

Entrepreneurs will do whatever they can to save on business expenses. Luckily, you can find this on Google Ads.


Apart from being known as a relatively flexible promotional medium, the benefits of Google Ads for marketing that are no less superior are that you can adjust your promotional needs to your budget. Specifically, you can adjust payments according to the number of consumers who click on ads served by Google Ads.

5. Increasing Brand Awareness

Not only focusing on leads, marketing, and reach provided by Google Ads, it’s important to pay attention to the brand-building potential provided by this free feature from Google. Especially data from Kominfo for 2021 shows that internet users in Indonesia have reached 202.6 million users.

With the benefits of Google Ads for this marketing, you can increase brand awareness to a relevant target audience. Also, through this feature, your campaign can be witnessed by many users at the same time. Whether they click on your campaign or not, they will be familiar with your brand and products.

Types of Google Ads

Search Ads

People typing relevant keywords related to the product being sold trigger the appearance of search ads on search engines.

Display Ads

Display ads appear in the form of text and images spread across the Google network. With more than 2 million sites and applications, your ads can reach potential consumers in various parts of the world.

Video Ads

This type of Google Ads offers advertisements in the form of videos on YouTube. The video’s beginning, middle, and end will display these ads.

Application Ads

The type of Google Ads ad is known to be the most superior in-application advertising. How not? All Google networks display this type of ad. Moreover, Google also provides design services for those confused about the right design choice for their business.

Ultimately, those are the five benefits of Google Ads for marketing, complete with their definitions and types. Then, Google Ads is one of the digital marketing features that effectively boosts business to become more profitable.


Implementing Google Ads in your business campaign can create more relevant business campaigns, thereby increasing brand awareness and sales. You can also entrust your website’s Google Ads services to Melon Branding. Optimize your business campaigns, and experience the various conveniences and potential of your brand and digital activation from your business. Contact us further via cs.melonbranding@gmail.com or visit Instagram @melonbranding !

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