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7 Ways to Measure Customer Complaints Quickly, Precisely & Accurately!

No matter how big the brand is or how successful a business is, it is possible that consumers will complain, be it complaints about products or services that do not meet consumer expectations. Like it or not, they need to carry out activities to handle complaints.


So, how do they stay sustainable in their business? What makes their brand still have a good name for most other consumers? How do they still handle customer complaints? We see to the end!

Learn from Our Experience

Perhaps most of us have been consumers and sellers. When we become consumers, we feel how irritated it is when complaints are not served or processed for a very long time. We expect that sellers should be responsible for their products.


On the other hand, as sellers, we may feel how consumers complain about it and it doesn’t taste good. What’s more, if consumers complain angrily, they are sad, annoyed, and confused about whether or not we should be doing business.


However, is this feeling an appropriate response to a complaint? What if the handling of complaints is considered not good?


Follow these tips to be able to handle complaints from clients

Companies must understand how to handle complaints from customers.
Impact of Unhandled Complaints

Consumers who are disappointed because their complaints were not handled properly will at least tell 50 people they know verbally and submit complaints via digital media. On the other hand, consumers who are satisfied with our products or services only tell 20 people they know.


To sum up all the statements above, the impact of negative information spreads faster than good information. So we must learn how to serve the best consumers who complain so as not to worsen the image of our store or company.

How to Handle Complaints Properly

Now we realize our mistakes so far in serving complaining consumers. So far, we have only positioned ourselves as sellers, not understanding the views and feelings of consumers who assume negative thoughts if we do not immediately respond to these complaints.


Here we provide tips on how to handle the right complaint.

Handle Quickly and Respond

Firstly, we must handle consumer complaints quickly because negative issues will spread quickly and damage your business image. With social media and the internet, bad complaints or issues about your business will spread faster in a matter of hours. Hence, you need fast and responsive customer service.

Transparency is also needed for the wider community so that they believe that if something goes wrong, your company will quickly handle the problem responsibly.

Apologize and Provide Solution Options to Resolve the Problem

Secondly, as gentle business people, we need to admit our mistakes! We need to learn to listen to their complaints calmly and politely. After that, immediately offer any solutions that you can provide to consumers.


Let them choose the solution option and quickly follow up on the problem until it is complete. But remember, monitor the progress of each consumer’s complaint cases.

Work with Consumers
A good way to handle complaints from customers.

Thirdly, build engagement with these consumers and get them to take an active role to make it easier for us to maintain the company’s image. When we can make these consumers feel well served, they will feel valued and see your business as a solution.

When we can think wisely, we can respond to client complaints appropriately

Ask for positive testimonials if the solution has been resolved

Fourthly, if you have successfully overcome consumer complaints, don’t be afraid to ask them to provide or add positive testimonials. However, remember, negative testimonials can damage a business’s reputation. The company must republish the resolution of a problem to be accepted again in the community.

Thank consumers who complain

The most important action we need to take is to thank the consumer. Thank you because they have trusted and worked with your business so far. Also, convey thanks, especially when they are willing to give good testimonials. Also, remind these consumers to buy your product again.

Give rewards as a token of apology and thanks.

Give this reward as a “gift” so that consumers forgive your business’s mistakes, and thank you for trusting your business and not giving up on using your product again. So, if you do this therapy, it is guaranteed that the negative emotions of consumers will turn into recommending your business to other people.

Tell consumers that you will improve the quality of service and products.

Deliver your promise to consumers that the criticism they have conveyed will help your company get better. Moreover, we also need to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them to the next consumer.

So,  Understands More The Importance of Handling Customer Complaints.


In conclusion, we hope that with this article, you can implement it in your business. Always improve the quality of customer service so that the wider community trusts it. Good luck!

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